Dan Bromley - The Road To Daytona 2016

Throttle Down Speed Co. got a chance to talk to Dan Bromley before he headed south for testing. Dan is making the jump to the GNC1 Class for the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track Season. Here is what Dan had to say:
What have you been up to on the off season?
This off season I've been keeping busy, between being a full time college student at Penn State, working at my family business and riding/ training. I was able to make it out to DuQuoin for the indoor series and get some testing in on the flat track bikes but other then that I've been doing some off road riding and mx/ arena cross races.
What was the best part about the 2015 season?
For me, the best part of 2015 was probably traveling the country for my second full season in the GNC2 class. My favorite race in 2015 was probably the Rapid City half mile in Sturgis, SD. It was probably the only race that I road all 16 laps with out letting off the throttle, riding way up high and just going for it. My bike may not have been as fast as the winners bike but for me it was a win getting second and having my mom there to celebrate.
What was the worst part about the 2015 season?
The worst part of 2015 would have to be the Charlotte, NC half mile. I started the day good qualifying 2nd but for some reason no matter what I did in the heat, semi or main I just couldn't go forward or stay forward. This year I actually look forward to going back there for redemption.
What bikes will you be running this year?
For 2016. I will be racing GNC1 for Bill Werner Racing Kawasaki's on all the twins events and Works Enduro Offroad Suspension, Triple J Racing, Throttle Down Speed Co. KTM's on all the singles events. 
Are your bikes ready for Daytona or is it coming down to the wire?
As of right now, all my bikes are still in pieces and I'm waiting on some pieces to come in the mail. I had a big scare with FedEx this past week because they lost over $500 worth of parts I needed but hopefully I will be getting them together before I head south March 2nd.
Who do you think your biggest competitor(s) will be in 2016?
Coming in to Daytona, I know that there will be a lot of fast guys that have previously raced in the GNC1 class. But for me I feel my biggest competition will be Davis, Bronson, and JR Addison as we will all be going for the 2016 AMA Rookie of the Year.
What tracks are you most excited about this season?
This year I'm really looking forward to racing Rapid City, Lima and I was looking forward to racing Indy, DuQuoin and Hagerstown again because that have been two of my favorite tracks in the past. In addition to these I look forward to racing at many of the new tracks that AMA Pro has ventured out to because many of the riders have not ridden them before and the new tracks will make an even playing field.
What track will you miss the most that did not make the cut this year?
Like I previously mentioned, I was looking forward to racing Indy, DuQuoin and Hagerstown because they have been two of my favorite tracks in the past not only for the crowds they bring, but the tracks are always racey with different lines and great racing.
What will be the biggest challenge of the 2016 season?
The biggest challenge for 2016 will be traveling to all the races. We will be zig zagging across the country and going back in forth from track to track will be difficult. Not only with trying to work on the machines in between the races, but making sure we will have enough time to make it to each race.
Other then being part of the Throttle Down Speed Co. Team, who else are you representing this year?
 For 2016 I have been fortunate to continue my relationship with Throttle Down Speed Co. which is a big part of my personal program, additionaly I have been able to continue my support for Bill Werner Racing, Kawasaki Usa (Twins), KTM North America (Singles), Triple J Racing, Works Enduro Riders Offroad Suspension, Power Seal, Evans Coolant, Motul, Motion Pro, FTR Graphics, Saddlemen, Bell Helmets, G2 Ergonomic, Steve Bromley Racing, Metro Racing, David Coovert (DC) Racing, Steve Dance Auctions, Sponceller Racing, Dyno Jet, Web Cams, Wossner Pistons, Cometic Gaskets