Dan Bromley - 2017 Pre-Season Interview

Name: Daniel Bromley
Nicknames: Danny, Daisy, DBrom
Birthday: 7/24/95
Hometown: Trevose, Pa
Current Residence: Warrington, Pa
2017 Class and Number: AFT Twins, 62
First Motorcycle: Suzuki JR50
Favorite Race Track: Springfield Short Track
2017 Team: Bill Werner Racing
Instagram: @danbromley62 
Twitter: @danbromley62



Tell us about your first bike. How old were you when you started riding?
My first bike was a Suzuki JR 50. The first time I rode it, my dad told me that if I rode my bicycle without training wheels, he would let me ride a dirt bike. Well I was 2 ½ and determined to ride a dirt bike because my brother was riding one, so I rode my bike down the driveway without training wheels and my dad went down to the shop and picked up a JR50 and I began riding.

Tell us about your hometown and where you’re from.
I grew up in Warrington, Pa. It’s a fairly small town in Bucks County. It was actually kind of weird living there and racing motorcycles because no one knew anything about dirt bikes. Everyone was all about ball sports so I kind of fit in as a regular kid. The best part of my town is that basically everything is there. Any restaurant you want, we have a Gander Mountain, 2 movie theaters, pretty much everything.

Is there meaning/history behind your race number?
Honestly, I thought that it was a cool number. My uncle, Steve Bromley, ran the number 62 back in the day when he was an expert. Also it was Corky Keener’s number when he ran professional and I always looked up to Corky growing up.

Aside from flat track, do you do any other forms of racing? What’s your favorite?
I have pretty much raced everything but road racing. That one thing I would like to try before I hang up my boots. But for the other disciplines, I personally don’t have a favorite form of racing. I enjoy riding more then I enjoy racing, so practicing at an mx track or trail riding are my favorite types of riding. As for an event, I have attended the Tri County Dual Sport the past 3 years and that is honestly the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike in one weekend. The people, the trails and the food are amazing.

What’s your “off-season” look like this year?
Well during the off season my day basically goes:

  • Gym 5am
  • School 8:45-9:45
  • Work 10am-2pm
  • School 3pm-9pm

    What are you looking forward to in 2017?
    Racing twins at every event. I’m especially looking forward to racing the Daytona TT.

    What’s your favorite part about race day?
    Just the whole atmosphere it brings. Everyone is friendly and it feels like a big family at the track. You can go pit to pit and talk to anyone and for the most part if you ever need something, someone their can help you out.

    Talk about your new 6D sponsorship and how that will help you out this year.
    After the final race in Santa Rosa, I had the opportunity of talking to some of the representatives at 6D. After talking with them and researching the technology they have in their products, I decided to make the switch. Since making the switch, Josh and Dom have been awesome getting me anything I need to feel comfortable in the helmets.

    On race day when you line up at the starting line, what’s running through your head?
    Hot Damn! Look at that 10 second board girl

    Two wheels aside, what other activities/hobbies interest you?
    Swimming, but other than swimming, biking and riding I’m not into ball sports or anything like that.  

    What’s your favorite TDSC item?
    Socks! Definitely the socks. Probably the most comfortable and warmest socks I have ever worn.

    Who’s your most played music artist?
    I really don’t have a favorite artist, I pretty much listen to everything.

    What’s your favorite TV/Netflix show right now?
    I was watching Shameless but the season ended so now I’m waiting on Game of Thrones to come back on HBO

    What’s your favorite pizza/topping?
    I love Cheese Pizza but if I would have to put a topping on it, I would have to choose buffalo chicken pizza or some good ole Pepperoni

    Do you sing in the shower?
    Unfortunately, no. But the only time my singing voice comes out is when T Swift is on the radio.

    Say an ice cream truck pulls up right now, what are you ordering?
    Sponge Bob popsicle with gum ball eyes!

    If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
    Somewhere warm where I can take a nap in a hammock next to a beach lol

    What might you eat for breakfast on race day?
    Usually whatever the hotel has, most times it’s a bagel and banana. My choice breakfast would be a breakfast burrito from Wawa.

    Who’s behind your program that you would like to thank?
    First and foremost, I can thank Bill and Vicky Werner enough for everything they do for me and my racing. I also can thank my parents enough for all the support they give me and allowing me to live my dream. Many of the people and companies that are behind my twin’s program are John Parker, Brian and Trish from Throttle Down Speed Co., DC Racing, Steve Dance Auctions, Dyno Jet, Barnett Clutches, Wossner Pistons, Shorai Batteries, Supertrapp, Cometic, Web Cams, K&N, NGK, Motion Pro, Evans Waterless Coolant, Motul, KW Race Wear, 6D Helmets.