Name: Logan McGrane
Birthday: September 19, 2005
Hometown: Gap, Pa
2017 Race Class & Number: 85 CC #19
First Motorcycle: PW
Favorite Race Track: Gratz
Ride for 2017: Honda 85, Kawasaki 85, Honda 250
Instagram: @logan_mcgrane_19

Tell us about your first bike. How old were you when you started riding?

PW 50. I was three years old

Tell us about your hometown and where you’re from.

Gap, Pa. Amish town between Harrisburg and Philadelphia

Is there meaning/history behind your race number?

It is my birth date

Aside from flat track, do you do any other forms of racing? 

No. I ride with my friend Evan Renshaw through his field and woods

What has your “off-season” looked like this year?

Playing football, wrestling

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Win the district and do better at the amateur nationals

What’s your favorite part about race day?

Going fast and turning left

Which race are you looking forward to most this season?

Gratz half mile

On race day when you line up at the starting line, what’s running through your head?

Get the hole shot

Two wheels aside, what other activities/hobbies interest you?

Football, wrestling, baseball

What’s your favorite TDSC item?

Beanie Hat

Who’s your most played music artist?

Sean Mendez

What’s your favorite tv/netflix show right now?

Family Guy

What’s your favorite pizza/topping?


Do you sing in the shower?


Say an ice cream truck pulls up right now, what are you ordering?

Chaco Taco

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?


What might you eat for breakfast on race day?


Who’s behind your program that you would like to thank?

McGrane Racing, Scott Powersports, ECS, Wiseco, Cometic, Motion Pro, Oury, Remer Motorsports, LT Graphics, Pit Posse, Evans, Throttle Down Speed Co. , Sprinter Sports, JMR, 5JJ