Tristan Avery - 2017 Pre-Season Interview

Name: Tristan Avery
Nickname(s): Twistan
Birthday: 2/25/1999
Hometown: Chesterfield, VA
Current Residence: Chesterfield, VA
2017 Race Class & Number: AFT Singles, #16
First Motorcycle: Yamaha PW50
Favorite Race Track: Springfield Mile
Ride for 2017: Open for opportunities, currently privateer
Instagram: @tristan_avery16s
Twitter:     @tristan_avery


Tell us about your first bike. How old were you when you started riding?

My first motorcycle… I was pretty young at that time (three years old). Back then at my  house, there was no flattrack made yet  for my older brother (Haden) and I to train on for racing, so we made the best of the grass track in the field behind my house. Dad would go down to the barn (now shop) and put the horses in the stable so that way Haden and I could ride in their field behind our house. Not long after Haden grew out his first bike I got it, and i’ve been riding since then. Not long after one of my little cousins turned five, Haden and I persuaded him into learning how to ride motorcycles. We put him on mine and Hadens first bike, the good O’L P Dub 50. We taught him the basics and everything about it. He immediately got the hang of it and was putting around the track beside us. A little while later I pulled off to grab a drink and watch my little buddy rip around the track. I noticed he wasn’t really using the lever rear brake at all to slow down going into the corners. Sure enough he got a little too wide going into the corner and smacked right in the back of an old truck. We still laugh about that story to this day and we will never forget it!

Tell us about your hometown and where you’re from.

Well Virginia is definitely a special state. It has our nation's capital in it, which I have visited a couple times with Charlotte Kainz when she would come to stay with me. When Kyle would come down to my house over the summer and some holidays, we would ride all day long at my house, go eat mexican at Mio Rodeo, then we would go ride go karts at Swaders sports park like a bunch of little kids. There's been a fair amount of special moments i’ve had myself while not on a motorcycle. The weather here is pretty crazy, in the summer it’s pretty normal for the most part hot! During the winter, it can snow for a week straight, then the next week will be 72 degrees with rain, which that just about sums up the VA for ya!

Is there meaning/history behind your race number?

My race number does have some history behind it. Back in my younger days with 4c, Haden ran number 4 until I he moved up to the 85cc class. Then I started racing, so we left four on the bike but that just wasn't enough for because I wanted to represent my mom, Charlotte, somehow someway I had to have her on the bike I was riding, so we decided to run her first initial behind my number, 4c. Over the winter before I turned pro I couldn’t figure out what number to run, because I had to run a two digit number with s behind it for my state. I couldn’t sleep knowing I had to figure this out in order for me to go pro. So one particular night I decided to multiple four by itself and then 16 became my professional number.

Aside from flat track, do you do any other forms of racing? What’s your favorite?

I’ve tried a Ice riding, motocross, and even road racing, but in all seriousness flat track racing is my first love and that’s what i’m going to stick with.

What’s your “off-season” look like this year?

This years off-season has been adventure. I’ve done as many local races as possible so far, with being in my senior year at public school it has been quite difficult figuring out my after high school life. Every chance I get to ride moto, or flat track at my house or to even do a local race I take it every time! The majority of the time when it’s cold out and I cant ride, I go to the gym, or workout here at home.

We’ve seen your mad wheelie skills. How’d you get so skilled on one wheel?

Wheelies I feel like everyone should do just because there is nothing like ripping up the dirt coming out of a corner, then throttle down while the front wheel lifts up off the ground. That’s what my life is all about, throttle down! I’ve had a little bit of practice on a unicycle before but never really mastered it. Most of my wheelie skills I learned from Charlotte Kainz, and she could wheelie just about anything with two wheels!

What are you looking forward to in 2017? What goals are you aiming to hit?

I’m looking forward to seeing how everything is going to pan out this coming season. I wonder what the opener will be like since this will be the first time ever it’ll be a one night program. My goals are to go out there and get as many race wins as possible, but the long term goal is the Championship.  

What’s your favorite part about race day?

Thats hard one beings that their are so many cool things about it. I’d have to say that starting the bikes up every time and heading up to staging to go out. Just everything about race day just gives me goose bumps and makes me wanna smile, the fumes, that gut feeling you get when you're getting ready to go out to battle, there's just no other feeling greater to me!


On race day when you line up at the starting line, what’s running through your head?

Well for one I feel like i never blink probably, I gut hurts, my head is racing for the green light, my heart is racing, and then I just tell myself to calm down, the light goes green, and i just Throttle Down from there on out!

What’s for breakfast on race day?

I eat something light but fulfilling, like a banana, with some milk, and applesauce. Your nutrition and health plays a big part in racing, because how are you going to feel when you show up to arizona and its over 100 degrees outside, and you just threw up in your helmet because you ate too much junk for breakfast but hold on you gotta go out for qualifying and set the fastest lap so that way you have pole in your heat race. I ask you now, what would you do?

Two wheels aside, what other activities/hobbies interest you?

Shoot you just took my love away right there haha, but I will say i do like snow skiing, and trying new stuff out with my friends at home.

What’s your favorite TDSC item?

Favorite Item? Thats a teaser right there!! I’d have to say my own custom TDSC hat, which is pretty cool.

Who’s your most played music artist?

Most played artist would have to be Bmayzee with his moto songs and Drake which sometimes gets me in my feels.

What’s your favorite tv/netflix show right now?

TV Show has always been Nickelodeon, and Ridiculousness!

What’s your favorite pizza/topping?

Pizza toppings is pretty original with Pepperoni, but i will say i have been getting a taste for pineapple lately!

Do you sing in the shower?

Of course! I like to get some dance moves going to without slipping and falling.

Say an ice cream truck pulls up right now, what are you ordering?

I’m ordering a 75 cent ice cream sandwich, because it’s cheap and tasty!

If you could teleport right now, where would you go and why?

I’d go to PA to WI because it’s always to spend time with either Kyle McGranes family or Charlotte Kainz

Who’s behind your program that you would like to thank?

  • Ride Academy
  • 7O’Final Swipe
  • Ron Ayers Motorsports
  • Mr Sign
  • KW Racewear
  • Motion Pro
  • Works Connection
  • Boughner Racing Suspension
  • Scott Powersports
  • Supertrapp
  • FPS Racing
  • Nanny Goat Racing
  • Arai Helmets
  • Sidi Boots
  • SBS Brakes
  • Rase
  • Cycra
  • Evans Coolant
  • West Coast Hot Shoes
  • Dainese
  • Saddlemen
  • Speed Mob
  • Newman Motorsports
  • RLJ
  • KWS Motorsports
  • Chicken Hawk
  • Vortex
  • Impact Safety Armor
  • PBW Paint
  • Web Cam
  • Royal Publishing
  • Throttle Down Speed Co.

Photos by Jodi Johnson