We have our CB360 parts bike finally

I've been in the hunt for a Honda CB360 parts motorcycle pretty much since last September. The 1974-1976 models are not as easy to find as I had once thought, and the fact that the much more popular CB350 bikes do not match up with the 360 proved for it to be even more complicated. Eventually I joined in on the forum fun and found a 1975 CB360 with a front disk brake, mine was originally a drum. The conversion from drum to disk is definitely an upgrade I wanted while I was already getting greasy in the garage. 



The non-running '75 CB got to the Pennsylvania garage in four pieces via a Ford Fusion, which was pretty impressive. I'm currently short a caliper and brake line but those are in the works. This past weekend was spent ordering new parts including a bearing steering neck kit and a fresh petcock to replace my goopy one, working out the old bearing and polishing the forks. Let me tell you how great it is to see straight forks again! Next up will be two pretty messy jobs: rebuilding the forks & cleaning out my two rusty tanks. We'll install the new bearings and place a few more orders for other parts I'll need to make this sucker run. This whole build is really exciting, and I'm very appreciative for all of the friends working on it with me and helping me wrangle all the needed parts together. This whole process once again reinforces the fact that the motorcycle community is the best community.