Who Is Throttle Down Speed Co? - BMAT

  • Name: Brian Matthias
  • Nickname(s):  bmat
  • Birthday: May 26th
  • Hometown: Hatfield, PA
  • Current Residence: Green Lane, PA
  • What Job Pays the Bills: Automotive Product Data (ACES&PIES)
  • Motorcycles Owned: (2) KZ400's

How did you get involved in the motorcycle industry?

I grew up working on cars, so I always followed motorsports and always had huge respect for motorcyle racing. My mother was afraid of all things related to motorcycles, so I had limited exposure. In college I found a love for drifting, but I did not have the funds to actually do it, so I attended Clubloose events and got to see people throwing cars sideways at great speeds along with some great parties. I started seeing more and more cafe racers, brat style bikes and bobbers so my interest in motorcycles began to grow. I started working with Tricia and she wound up taking me to my first flat track race. I was hooked. This also led to me continuing to learn about motorcycles and finally purchasing my KZ400. Since the purchase of the KZ400, I bought a house with a garage and my main focus was to build the workshop up then jump into building the bike. I always want to wrench, and learning more about vintage bikes is my priority. While I have limited riding under my belt, 2017 is going to hopefully change that.

What’s your “role” at Throttle Down Speed Co.?

You could say I am "All things Business". My role is to turn the design Trish makes into a physical product to sell. I primarily work with the business related things, like logistics, production, marketing and website building. My goal is to put my camera to work in 2017 and develop more videos for the brand.

What got you into web development?

Since a young age I was always building, Lego's, KNEX, you name it. In middle school I was introduced to basic HTML, this was when blogs first started poping up and there were no easy tools that let you customize like wordpress today. I had to spend hours researching and just trying new things. This led me to develop websites for my friends bands, online magazines. In high school I was able to take some more classes that gave me the tools to build websites for record labels, and businesses. While I don't build websites much any more, I make sure to keep my skills sharp. The TDSC website is actually on it's second platform so we can scale with the growth.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by people who decide to keep their excuses buried and fight their way to success. These are people that come from nothing and build empires such as Rob Bailey and Casey Neistat. It keeps me humble and reminds me that as Throttle Down Speed Co. grows we will hit plenty of walls but if we work hard enough we can get past them. You could also put this back to our riders, Morgan, Tristan and Dan have all fought through injuries that would make someone quit riding, but they found themselves driven to get back to the bike.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

It's hard to pinpoint the biggest, but we continue to set goals. Nothing beats going to a race and seeing some of our gear. 

Two wheels aside, what other activities/hobbies interest you?

I have always been a wrencher, I could always spend time in the garage. I love to build. I love videography and have a personal goal to do more, I think there are so many stories that need to be shared.

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

I am really excited to go to more races this year, with two series running and more local races. I'll be able to see more of my friends and bring my family. For a company we are hoping to provide a more developed rider support program, we are hoping to do some new things with our riders that are outside the box. 

What motorcycle-related events do you plan on attending in 2017?

  • World Championship ICE Racing Reading, PA - 1/13
  • Daytona Bike Week
  • Daytona TT
  • Steel Shoe Nationals Hagerstown, MD - 7/1
  • All-Star Race Frederick, MD - 7/4
  • AFT NY - 7/8
  • AFT Willow Grove, PA - 9/9
I would love to add in more including supercross and a trip to Square Deal Riders!


What’s your favorite part about race day?

I really love watching the crews and families of the riders. Seeing the support system these teams have varies from large to small, from the young gnc2 racer and his dad turning wrenches to legendary mechanics like Bill Werner turning wrenches for our Dan Bromley. Each team has a story of how and why they continue coming back to race. It's neat to see all of the interaction and emotion behind the scenes. 

What’s your favorite TDSC item?

I love our tracker shirt. I think its one of the few stylish and customizable pieces in the flat track industry. It is great for the casual fan or the friends and families of riders. The funnest one to make was pizza shirt for april fools, it was a completely random idea and some back and forth via text message created a weird and fun design.

Tell us about your first bike.

My first bike is a 1979 KZ 400, this was a bike that I purchased as a project bike, and it has been a project bike for a year and a half. The bike is currently a roller. My goal was to do as much as I could do on this bike myself, so when I needed to make a seat hoop for bike I went out an purchased a welder to learn. This is all taking more time then I expected but at least it's getting done correctly. The bike will be completed in a cafe racer style. I have a pile of parts ready, but I want to finish up the frame before I make any more purchases. It's going to have a billet triple tree with a built in motogadget gauge, a motogadget m unit, firestone's, vm30's, tuff side custom seat, rear sets, along with some more unique and custom touches. 

Who’s your most played music artist?

Spotify helped me with this question, for 2016 I have had The Menzingers, Restorations, Into It Over It and Mischief Brew blasting in the garage.  

What are you watching on netflix right now?

 I have actually been spending a ton of time on YouTube. The GoPro Driven Series, and 2017 Supercross previews. Every friday you can catch me watching "The Grand Tour" on Amazon

What’s your favorite pizza/topping?

Extra Cheese - Any shop that makes a pizza with multiple cheeses is a winner in my book.

Say an ice cream truck pulls up right now, what are you ordering?

Snocone's are the best.

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?

California, it would be nice to hang out with the HRC or Geico Honda team as they prepare for the 2017 Supercross Season

Any Final Thoughts?

I really hope to see improvements in safety for the 2017 Flat Track seasons. The losses of Charlotte Kainz and Kyle McGrane are tragedies that I hope we never see again.