Who is Throttle Down Speed Co? - Trish

  • Name: Tricia Baugher
  • Nickname(s): Trish, Trishers
  • Birthday: December 25th
  • Hometown: Shrewsbury, PA (South Central PA)
  • Current Residence: West Chester, PA (Philly-ish)
  • What Job Pays the Bills: Full-time Graphic Designer at a company that sells aftermarket automotive parts
  • Motorcycles Owned: 1974 Honda CB360 (Now partially a 1975*)

How did you get involved in the motorcycle industry?
I grew up in the motorcycle world and didn’t have much of a choice! My dad always had a motorcycle and currently has a mint 1982 FXRS Harley-Davidson. He had me grow up going to flat track motorcycle races before I had any idea which way they went around the racetrack. He grew up the same way, going with his parents, so he kept the tradition alive. I always dreamed of owning a motorcycle. At age 17 I took the PA Motorcycle Safety Course, which by the way is free in PA, so I suggest any PA resident to take advantage of that. I passed the course, got my license and then went off to be a broke college student. I didn’t purchase my first bike until 2015, but it was definitely the greatest purchase I’ve ever made. My involvement in racing has only gotten greater over the years, and I’ve been fortunate to have met a lot of really great people throughout my journeys. They say motorcycle people are some of the nicest people you can meet, and I’m a huge believer in that.
What’s your “role” at Throttle Down Speed Co.?
I consider my role as “All Things Creative” at TDSC. I design logos and shirts, pick garment colors and textures, make web banner graphics and am the lead on our Instagram account. When it comes to shirt designs I might draw or paint first, then vectorize the images in Adobe Illustrator to perfect/tweak them. Coming up with designs is a collaborative effort. We get to create whatever we’d like so it’s a sweet gig.
What got you into design?
I’ve always been a creative person. Growing up the two things that grew up with me were art and motorcycles. I began creating as a painter-mostly watercolor and acrylic. Eventually I went to an art college in Baltimore City and had an interest in web design which transitioned into a love for graphic design. For me the best part about design is the transition of how a final t-shirt originated from a sketch.
Who inspires you?
I pull from a variety of sources for inspiration. Brands such as CafeRacerXXX, Seaweed & Gravel and The Real Intellectuals inspire me to develop the TDSC identity while developing an original artistic flare. Rebecca Bonaci does incredible drawings that work themselves into tattoos and custom painted helmets. Desirae Hildebrand is an inspiration in herself due to her love of motorcycles, graphic design and painting. I love the design work and moto culture of Fox Racing and The Fasthouse. The artists within the Oil & Ink Expo are all very talented as well. There are endless women riders I look up to and more than a handful of bike builders I admire. There’s an overwhelming amount of talented people within the motorcycle, racing and art industries to list them all.
What would you say is your biggest accomplishment thus far?
As far as TDSC, my biggest accomplishment had to have been launching the 2016 Spring Collection of 18 pieces. With the help of Brian, a local print shop, photographers, videographers, models, friends, etc. we successfully launched the line with all original content.
As far as life goes besides purchasing my first motorcycle, my biggest accomplishment would be traveling across the states this past summer to attend flat track motorcycle races. A lot of my adventures consisted of me flying solo where I would meet up with friends I’ve made across the country. The TDSC brand has aided in me building relationships with people of all over, but I also have to give a lot of credit to joining the Aid to Injured Riders organization.
Two wheels aside, what other activities/hobbies interest you?
If I’m not at the race track, in the garage or behind a computer screen designing, I am probably drawing, painting or driving. I have a solid group of friends I enjoy spending time with doing various things. Road trips and exploration are high on my list. I’m a big fan of warm weather and being outside kayaking on the lake or hiking.
What are you looking forward to in 2017?
There’s an endless list to look forward to in 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited! Mainly I look forward to creating more, adding to the TDSC line, going on a ton more adventures and continuing to support the sponsored riders of the Throttle Down Team. One of our company goals is to put more effort into getting to know and supporting our riders even more through branding and creative ways. The opportunities are endless and we look forward to the successes 2017 brings.
What motorcycle-related events do you plan on attending in 2017?
Below’s my tentative “wish list” schedule for 2017
  • World Championship ICE Racing Reading, PA - 1/13
  • AFT Daytona Beach, FL - 3/16
  • Local Race in Reading, PA - 5/6
  • AFT OKC Mile - 6/17
  • AFT Lima, OH - 6/24
  • Steel Shoe Nationals Hagerstown, MD - 7/1
  • All-Star Race Frederick, MD - 7/4
  • AFT NY - 7/8
  • Local Race in Reading, PA - 8/13
  • AFT Willow Grove, PA - 9/9
I’d like to throw in the East Rutherford SX race 4/29, The Barber Vintage Fest 10/6-8, Timonium, MD outdoors and maybe even Wauseon, OH in July.
What do you think of the Throttle Down Team for 2017?
I am extremely excited for the Throttle Down Team for 2017. We will be continuing to sponsor Dan Bromley for the third year in a row, who will be rocking the #62 in the Twin class in 2017. I can’t say enough great things about Dan, he is not only a professional at the track but also a good friend away from the track. We’re lucky Dan is a PA local because he gets to join us in the TDSC garage and wrench on our old broken vintage motorcycles pretty often. It’s been great seeing him come up through the ranks over the past few years, and we look forward to seeing what he can pull off in 2017!
We will also be sponsoring Tristan Avery for the second year in a row as he will be sporting the #16 in the Singles class in 2017. Tristan has been a great asset to the team as the kid never seems to have an off-season. We love seeing him burning laps week after week and representing TDSC. I look forward to watching Tristan work hard again this season and rack up those podiums.
Some of the most exciting news for the Throttle Down Team is we have added Morgan Monroe to our sponsored riders. We chose to pick up Morgan after we were so impressed by her efforts to raise money for fallen riders Charlotte Kainz and Kyle McGrane. Since then, Morgan had a hard get off in November riding and has been in recovery. Her determination is unexplainable and she has been able to make incredible progress in only a few months. This girl is a fighter and an inspiration. It is a true honor to have her apart of our team, and I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for her.
2017 will also be spent remembering and honoring our sponsored rider Charlotte Kainz who lost her life in September of 2016. Charlotte was a wonderful rider and person and is missed greatly. 35L: gone but never forgotten.
What’s your favorite part about race day?
Race day in general has always been my favorite. Growing up going to the races with my dad and cousins was always a good time. The first thing we always did when showing up to the venue was to immediately walk right up to the track and see the surface and conditions. It’s funny to think back that I used to have no idea what I was looking at, but I’d stand and look anyways for however long. To this day, whether I am entering as a fan or entering through the pits, I still have to go look and check out the track.
What’s your favorite TDSC item?
I like each piece, obviously, but for different reasons. If I had to pick one I’d say I love the Womens 2 Wheel Soulmate top. This piece started as a drawing-primarily of charcoal and graphite. It’s my spoked CB wheel with flower and leaf elements I’ve been drawing for a while now. It’s meant to be feminine and masculine at the same time while being somewhat poetic. The 2 Wheel Soulmate messaging is something I live by.
Tell us about your first bike.
I purchased my first bike in July 2015. My friend Pete and I hopped in his grandpa’s truck and headed out Route 30 West to Palmyra, PA to check out a stock 1974 CB360 we found on Craigslist. I fell in love, handed over the cash, and we loaded it up. We took a pit stop at the Texas Roadhouse nearby and I called my parents to tell them I’m a new bike owner. Needless to say they weren’t exactly as excited about the news as I was, but I think it’s grown on them overtime. When we got it home I started dreaming up modifications and I’ve been broke ever since!
I rode for a bit until I slammed the poor CB into a car, tumbled up onto the hood and got a ride to the ER. A few hours later I walked out with twenty stitches in my right thigh and a dislocated left shoulder. The CB was pronounced totaled but all of the impact was in the forks and front wheel. My friends helped me get it to the TDSC garage and that’s when the fun began of tearing it apart and finding parts to switch it up the look. She’s now composed of a whole bunch of parts including a front end from a parts bike (1975 CB360) I got from Traverse City, MI, which is a story in itself. The bike is just about ready to be fired up again, so we’ll save that highlight for 2017 as well.
Who’s your most played music artist these days?
First of all, I’d like to say I am a huge Spotify fan, particularly the weekly Discover Spotify playlist the app generates. With that said, I listen to a lot of artists and bands that I’m not even aware of. However, my top choices are The Menzingers, Restorations, Ceres to narrow it down to just a few. I can listen to their albums over and over again and never get tired of them. The two PA bands are amazing live as well, and well if I want to see Ceres I’m going to have to catch a flight to Australia so it seems.
What are you watching on netflix right now?
Shameless! I’m catching up with everyone and am only on Season 2. It get’s my recommendation.
What’s your favorite pizza/topping?
First of all, pizza is the greatest food ever, and I rarely discriminate any kind. Usually I go with just cheese, or sometimes pineapple. Weird, I know.
Say an ice cream truck pulls up right now, what are you ordering?
Ummmmmm maybe one of those classic red white and blue popsicles.
If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
If I could teleport, where wouldn’t I go? I’d say right now I’d want to go somewhere in California where it’s warm. I’d head straight to the beach to stick my toes in the Pacific. Pennsylvania is cold…