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The Race of Gentlemen 2016

It's awesome to see this event grow and grow. Now there will be a West Coast Race of Gentlemen.   "We are very excited to announce the addition of a West coast race! Now everyone gets two chances to enjoy the rich heritage of American innovation and speed. We will be moving our East coast race to June, so no more hurricanes to threaten our fun. The West coast race will be in October, when the weather is just right.As ye olde Mariners and watermen would say, "Time and tide wait for no man." While we love the excitement of living on the edge and a good gamble, we would rather place our bets on which machine crosses the finish...

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We are Throttle Down Speed Co. Promo Video

  This is the life, this is our life, the art, the passion, the grease, the speed. We Ride. We Drive. We Create. We Make. This is the culture of Throttle Down. With a twist of the wrist or a stomp to the floor; it’s the only way to be alive.

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