About us

 TDSC originated between two friends wanting to embrace the vintage motorcycle and automotive culture. With roots in the flat track racing scene, one of America’s original forms of motorcycle racing, and a strong passion for design, building websites and ecommerce, the duo kicked off their TDSC business in 2014 with a hand-painted-inspired logo and their original “Garage T-shirt”. The ultimate brand development had begun and the co-owners gradually became even more involved within the greaser scene.

The duo set their sights on exploring all aspects of motorcycles and racing and attended anything they could fit into their busy lifestyles. Events included everything from hillclimbs, backyard dirt track races, motocross nationals and drift events to vintage bike shows and wrenching in the garage. The two had established and strengthened relationships within the grease culture and continue to build that foundation to continue to grow within.

Fueled by their Instagram account @throttledownxspeedco that documents the events and culture of the motorcycle and automotive lifestyles, the TDSC duo continues to be inspired by other creators within the culture. TDSC values quality, creativity, craft and all things hand-made. With that value comes quality within TDSC’s own products and paying close attention to the details. Creation and passion is what this brand has been built on from day one, and the products produced are meant to showcase just that.

The “Garage T-shirt” launched the growing line of apparel from TDSC providing a garment that customers wouldn’t feel guilty of getting for getting a little dirt and grease on it as they get sprayed by the dirt roost at the track or wrench on their bike. That shirt design inspired hat designs and additional higher-quality shirts and tanks. Women’s apparel also began to be an important aspect of the clothing line, as was designing specific apparel and stickers for the evolving Flat Track culture.

Aside from creating products and connecting with other quality handcrafted brands, the added a 1979 KZ440 and a 1974 CB360 to the TDSC collection. The KZ quickly turned into a slick caferacer build and immediately got stripped down to the bones. The CB has future plans to be stripped and reworked from its bone-stock origins into a caferacer in the near future as well. With an eye for design and a passion for quality, there is no doubt that these builds will be anything less than notable. It’s simply the TDSC way of life.

If you love the vintage motorcycle and automotive culture, there will be no reason you won’t get excited by what TDSC is doing for the grease culture. The co-owners are continuing to surround themselves in nothing but that world and having a helluva good time while they do. Join in on the fun and stay tuned to see the bike builds, the rides, the wide-range of event coverage and what creative designs and ideas the team will produce next. In the meantime, be sure to throttle down!

ThrottleDownSpeedCo.com - Fueled by passion and talent, what more could a company desire?